Daniel Vior

Daniel Vior Colomés. Designer and goldsmith.
Jewellery has been, and still is, my profession and my vocation for more than 30 years
I started my studies in this field at the Escola d´Arts i Oficis (School of Arts and Trades) in Barcelona, and at the same time, I started working as an apprentice in a fine jewellery workshop, where I mastered the technique, and learned the consideration this trade deserves.
After 7 years of training I started up myself a project of my own: an approach to jewellery based on my own understanding of this craft and with a touch of my own personality and vision. An approach that, while still within the craftwork sphere, unites tradition and innovation.

Inspiration, design

Inspiration comes from exploring the environment, letting yourself be surprised and interiorize what prompts your emotions.
My desire to transmit this finding and the fact that another person might share it through his body language is my ultimate goal.

Very different themes motivate me. Here are 3 examples:

· Shapes and forms from the Botanical world and their infinite variables, also their resources and solutions to reproduce themselves and grow.
· Words, their meaning and association can take different forms, for example: linking-bringing closer, dispel-articulate, layers-growth…
· A physical phenomenon can become a metaphor of a feeling or an intangible perception: a drop of water forms concentric waves, transmitting the idea of the fleetingness of time.

Once a general idea is crystallized in my mind, I study its expressive possibilities, aesthetic aspects and functions, in order to further define the project.
Regarding the physical phase of the production, I draw the sketch using pen and paper. I also find it very useful to experiment with three-dimensional mockups or models. Seeing how each material suggests different approaches is very insightful to me.

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The workshop, the realization of the project

Once the design is clear and defined, I start the process of handcrafting the original model, the first jewel.


At my workshop in Barcelona, every collection is made one by one. After a micro fusion process that allows the reproduction of the model or its parts, the workers –highly skilled in their respective trades- carry out in a handcrafted manner all the different operations: surface treatment, assembling, soldering, enameling, polishing, etc.
We do not make use of mechanized systems since these are not adequate for the finish and complexity of these jewels.


Raw materials

The metals. The collections are made with the following alloys:

  • 925 sterling silver: always with a Rhodium galvanic coating that delays silver’s natural process of oxidation.
  • 925 sterling silver plated with 5 micron thick 750 fine gold (18 K).
  • 750 fine gold (18 K); yellow, pink or white.

I use natural gemstones like amethyst, chalcedony, carnelian, garnet, tourmaline, pearl, etc.
Most of them are cut and carved specifically for the jewel’s design.
I also use artificial opal and coral, the latter due to environmental principles.


Enameling is an accurate and careful technique that requires precision and time. Enamels are applied in different layers that crystallize at medium temperature.
I have made more than 250 different colors and keep on expanding the color gamut through new formulas and pigments for each collection.
Each jewel needs a specific color, shade and hue; one that is faithful to the pretended effect.

Identification, Certificate and Warranty

Identification and certificate.

Engraved at the back of each piece, the following information can be found:
· My name, as the author, Daniel Vior, which also certifies me as a member of the JORGC (Official Association of Jewelers, Goldsmiths, Watchmakers and Gemologists of Catalunya).
· The model number, which allows the jewel to be identified when necessary.

A certificate is issued with each piece, which specifies the following details: type of metal, gemstones and/or enamel.


All the jewels of our collections have a 2-year warranty against any manufacturing defect.
Also worth mentioning is that our jewel’s timeless design along with the quality of the manufacturing process allow its restoration after the passing of time and usage have left their mark on it.

Conservation tips

Just like all other objects that are exposed to wear –especially rings and bracelets- , you can prolong its life and good conservation if you avoid wearing them when engaging in activities that carry impact risk or that involve contact with active chemical products.
Also, how you store the jewels will have a bearing on their appearance. It is preferable to keep them separate in the case in order to avoid scratches.
An unnecessary exposure to sun is also not beneficial.

It is advisable to clean the jewels regularly. You can use neutral soap with a soft brush. It is very important to rinse it and dry it effectively.


Office, Workshop and Shop

Carrer Aragó, 154
08011 Barcelona (Spain)
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Office, Workshop and Shop

Carrer Aragó, 154
08011 Barcelona (Spain)
Phone: +34 93 4147171

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